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Centennial High School Football Live 2022: Schedule of Upcoming Games

Centennial High School Football
Centennial High School Football Live 2022: Schedule of Upcoming Games Admin

Centennial High School Football Live 2022: Schedule of Upcoming Games

Don't miss a single moment of the action this time!View live game schedule Stay updated for all the latest Centennial High School Football game details, scores and stats. See when and where the team is playing, you can cheer from home or anywhere else as you see fit. We'll update you with weekly live-result highlights of each game to keep you informed. Let's go Hawks!

Event: Centennial Football

Broadcast: NFHS Network  2023


Live Stream: Watch Here

Centennial @ Shadow Mountain -Friday, 7th, September

7:00 PM Kickoff. Last Season: 0-0 Head to Head Record: N/A Last Meeting: N/A The Centennial High School football team opens the season with a road trip set to head West-South.The two groups have never been together. The Hawks are expected to come out strong in their home opener after a very difficult effort in their home opener last year

Desert Edge @Centennial-Friday,14th,September

7:00 PM Kickoff. Head Record: 1-0 Last Season: 22-27 Last Meeting: 22-27| Desert Edge hawks have been shunned for years, like centenary hawks But the young guys are looking to change that rocket of victory.After taking them down in their toughest match last year, the Hawks are looking for revenge, this time at home.

Desert Edge @ Centennial Friday,21st,September

7:00 PM Kickoff. Head to Head Record: 1-1 Last Season: 21-42 Last Meeting: 42-21 Desert The Edge Hawks return to the match. The fast route home game has been tough for the Centennial Hawks in recent years.But the boys are ready to turn the match around.Desert Edge has struggled so far this season, so the boys will be hoping to take advantage of their poor Centenary record and get a win on their home field.

Centennial vs .Goodyear -Friday,28th, September

Kickoff at 7:00 PM.Head to Head Record: 1-0 Last Season: 32-8 Last Meeting: 32-8 This football game is a rematch from last season.The Centennial Hawks came out strong last year, but Goodyear has had an interesting season so far.They have played a lot of matches with their JV team, which means they are still hitting.Centenarians have played well so far this season, and with this being the last match before the Desert Edge rematch, the boys will be hoping to leave the field with a clean sweep.

Centennial @ Hamilton Friday,5th,October

Kickoff at 7:00 PM. Head to Head Record: 3-1 Last Season: 43-21 Last Meeting: 43-22 And Hamilton has faced a strong swing, and the Centennial Hawks can change that this season.taking them down in a tough, tough match last year, the Hawks are hoping to put the pressure back on them and win.Hamilton has been performing well so far this season,So Centenary will hope to put up a good fight.

Centennial @ Boulder Creek-Friday, 26th,October

Kickoff at 7:00 PM. Head to Head record: 1-0 Last Season: 22-27 Last Meeting: 22-27 Boulder Creek High School Tough Team,Centenarians have been playing very well this season and are looking to take them down.The boys took them down last season, but they're back to try to take them down again Boulder Creek has been playing very well this season, so Centennial is working hard to claim a win.

Centennial @ Desert Ridge-15th,Thursday,November

Kickoff at 7:00 PM. Head to Head Record: 0-0 Last Season: N/A Last Meeting: N/A Centennial's last season game was against Desert Ridge.The two schools have never faced each other before, but the Centennial boys are hoping to make a strong first impression on the field.They have been playing well this season, and they hope to finish this season strong.

Centennial @ Gilbert Highland-30th,Friday,November

Kickoff at 7:00 PM. Head to Head record: 0-1 Last Season: 35-42 Last Meeting: 42-35 Gilbert and Centennial Highland High School will meet in the final game of the season.Both sides played last season and Centenary came out on top with an emphatic win.There are many rivalries between the two schools, so expect both teams to come out strong in the final game of the season. For high school football information and scores,visit website NewsSSportsTV Sed.

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