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MLB Playoffs Schedule 2022: Full Free for Every Series, Date, Time, TV Channel

MLB playoff schedule, results
MLB Playoffs Schedule 2022: Full Free for Every Series, Date, Time, TV Channel Admin

MLB Playoffs Schedule 2022: Full Free for Every Series, Date, Time, TV Channel

The MLB 2022 American League Wild Card Series is set to be a best-of-three Major League Baseball (MLB) playoff series to determine the teams participating in the MLB
2022 American League Division Series. Both wild card series times will begin on October 7, with Game 2s scheduled for October 8 and Game 3s, if necessary, scheduled for October 9. post-season series; In previous years this required simulating a US or MLB international broadcast. You can watch these games


The new postseason MLB format, explained

This year will feature a new postseason format, expanding from 10 to 12 and replacing two single-elimination wild card games with four wild card series out of three
wild card series, followed by a best-of-five division series.Major League Baseball changed the postseason structure for the first time since March 10, 2012, adding asixth team to the postseason in each league. MLB also added a wild card series where the winner of the lowest-seeded division and the three wild card teams (accordingto each qualifier's regular season record), the wild card would be the best of three rounds, The sixth seed plays the third seed, and the fifth seed plays the fourth seed. This allows the top two seeds in the league to receive a bye in the division series. The postseason is similar to the MLB format temporarily used in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic; However, there was no first-round bye for the top two seeds in 2020.

Wild Card Series 2022 (all times ET)

Friday, Oct. 7

Guardians @ Rays, Game 1, 12:07 p.m., newssportstv
Phillies @ Cardinals, Game 1, 2:07 p.m.,newssportstv
Mariners @ Blue Jays, Game 1, 4:07 p.m.,newssportstv
Padres @ Mets, Game 1, 8:07 p.m., newssportstv

Saturday, Oct. 8

Rays @ Guardians, Game 2, 12:07 p.m., newssportstv

Blue Jays@ Mariners, Game 2, 4:07 p.m., newssportstv

Mets @ Padres, Game 2, 7:37 p.m., newssportstv

Phillies @ Cardinals, Game 2, 8:37 p.m., newssportstv

Sunday, Oct. 9

Blue Jays @ Mariners, Game 3, 2:07 p.m., ABC (newssportstv)

Guardians @ Rays, Game 3, 4:07 p.m., ESPN (newssportstv)

Padres @ Mets, Game 3, 7:37 p.m., newssportstv(if necessary)

Phillies @ Cardinals, Game 3, 8:37 p.m., newssportstv (if necessary)


Tuesday, Oct. 11
NLDS A, Game 1, FOX or FS1
NLDS B, Game 1, FOX or FS1
ALDS A, Game 1, TBS
ALDS B, Game 1, TBS

Wednesday, Oct. 12
NLDS A, Game 2, FOX or FS1
NLDS B, Game 2, FOX or FS1

Thursday, Oct. 13
ALDS A, Game 2, TBS
ALDS B, Game 2, TBS

Friday, Oct. 14
NLDS A, Game 3, FS1
NLDS B, Game 3, FS1

Saturday, Oct. 15
NLDS A, Game 4, newssportstv (if necessary)
NLDS B, Game 4, FS1 (if necessary)
ALDS A, Game 3, TBS
ALDS B, Game 3, TBS

Sunday, Oct. 16
ALDS A, Game 4, TBS (if necessary)
ALDS B, Game 4, TBS (if necessary)
NLDS A, Game 5, FS1 (if necessary)
NLDS B, Game 5, FS1 (if necessary)

Monday, Oct. 17
ALDS A, Game 5, TBS (if necessary)
ALDS B, Game 5, TBS (if necessary)

League Series Championship

Tuesday, Oct. 18

NLCS Game 1, FOX or FS1

Wednesday, Oct. 19

NLCS Game 2, FOX or FS1
ALCS Game 1, TBS

Thursday, Oct. 20

ALCS Game 2, TBS

Friday, Oct. 21

NLCS Game 3, FS1

Saturday, Oct. 22

ALCS Game 3, TBS
NLCS Game 4, FOX or FS1

Sunday, Oct. 23

NLCS Game 5, newssportstv (if necessary)
ALCS Game 4, TBS

Monday, Oct. 24

ALCS Game 5, TBS (if necessary)
NLCS Game 6, FS1 (if necessary)

Tuesday, Oct. 25

ALCS Game 6, TBS (if necessary)

7, NLCS games, FOX and FS1 newssportstv(if needed)

Wednesday, Oct. 26
ALCS Game 7, TBS (if necessary)



Friday, Oct. 28

Game 1 (at better record), FOX

Saturday, Oct. 29

Game 2 (at better record), FOX

Monday, Oct. 31

Game 3, FOX

Tuesday, Nov. 1

Game 4, FOX

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Game 5, FOX (if necessary)

Friday, Nov. 4

newssportstv Game 6, Fox (if necessary, on better record)

Saturday, Nov. 5

Game 7, FOX (if necessary, at better record)

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