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Valencia High School has named LaDarrius Cage as the Jaguars' new head coach

Valencia High School Football
Valencia High School has named LaDarrius Cage as the Jaguars' new head coach Admin

Valencia High School has named LaDarrius Cage as the Jaguars' new head coach

Valencia High School played at the Foothill League athletic convention. they're one of the maximum dominating soccer teams in that league. to strengthen their role inside the football league, the school hired LaDarrius Cage as their children’s new educate.

It’s now not the primary time Cage making his appearance inside the Valencia college floor. He formerly worked with them and left the group with a excellent time period. So the return of the Cage is excellent news for all of the students and the athletic community of the school. The chemistry will virtually rock once more, and he will make an incredible team setup.

Cage is simply happy to be with the crew yet again. It’s like he became making ready himself all that lengthy to reunite with the Jaguars. He has gathered tremendous understanding and experience on account that his leaving Valencia. And now Cage will give the group more than anyone ought to consider.

In an interview, Cage said to the newshounds, “Coming back to my fatherland once more is a brilliant opportunity for me. i get the hazard to take over the Jaguars another time, and it actually feels good. The high School Football software has been suffering for the previous couple of years, and it’s time to fix it.”

earlier than 2023, Cage was first brought to the Jaguars inside the 12 months of 2016. In 2016, Valencia high school appointed Cage, and he became in fee as the boy’s head song train. besides that, he also took care of the assistant educate position within the boys’ basketball and soccer program. He became also promoted to the protective coordinator function quickly. but, Cage observed himself with a brand new intention, and he didn’t preserve with the crew anymore.

before coming returned to the VHS group, Cage turned into with the Cleveland High School. He was their assistant educate, and the group is a three-time protecting 6A state champion.

Cage stated within the interview, “previously, I decided to move on with a few other institution motive I favored to discover and take a look at extra matters. I consider i've collected what it takes to be in fee of soccer head train.”

"Now that I have so many tools and knowledge with me," he added. And we're going to make a large difference within the High college league.”

Getting a task at Valencia High school is like a dream come real for Cage. He previously attempted numerous instances and gave interviews for that role. however, the School board didn’t think he turned into equipped but for that role.

Wilson Holland, director of athletics for Los Lunas schools, said approximately Cage, “i used to be impressed with Cage’s talents lower back then, and now he's bringing greater understanding with him. he is more than motivated now, a educate, and sincerely the kids will concentrate to him and purchase into some thing he says.”

Holland additionally told what’s Cage most important task is right here. Cage’s first and main target is now to bring extra participation to Valencia, which competes in 4A. Cage may be very positive approximately his process and stated, “I recognise masses of humans in here, and that they recognise me as well. all these human beings have confidence in me, and this trust will help them determine to send their kids come to play for us.”

Cage will update Wesley Shank. Shank turned into the head train of VHS soccer for five years. Cage can even take over the physical training lesson. at some stage in his preceding time with the Jags, they recorded 19-26 and 1-three within the playoffs.

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