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Week 2 Texas HIGH school football rankings to watch info

Week 2 Texas HIGH school football rankings
Week 2 Texas HIGH school football rankings to watch info Admin

Week 2 Texas HIGH school football rankings to watch info

Week 2 high school rankings, scores distributed by Dave Campbell's How to Watch Texas High School Football Info Magazine and Texas Football News Sports TV Associated Press.

Class 6A D1 united state championship Duncanville opened the season with a win over Class 5A D2 state champion South Oak Cliff. SOC currently reached number 2 and Duncanville holds the top spot

Also in 6, in another patch of powerhouses, the school football Class 6 D2 state championship Desto beat Allen Oh Excited in the playoffs in the B-District round last year.

Southlake Carroll and Guyer, ranked no. 8 and no. 9 in Class 6, respectively, their Week 1 matchup it won Six other North Texas school football teams are ranked in the top 25 in Class 6A.

In Class 5A, D1 united state school football champion league a Aledo won their week one contest against Dallas Parish Episcopal, while Lancaster (No. 2), Timberview (No. 4), Reedy (No. 7) and Ryan (No. 8) had their first The game has won

In 5AD2, no. School football united state 1-ranked Melissa Argyle while Emerson (No. 4), Heritage (No. 7) and Summit (No. 9) have won a game of their week. No. 3 Argyle fell out of the top 10 with the defeat See the full list of school football united state rankings, Class 6A-Private, below.

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